The Right Choice Birth Calendar is created for you, according to your personal biological information which you provide on the Questionnaire.

The days-marked are the days when the NATURAL cycle of your ovum membrane corresponds to the gender you have selected for your next baby

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to most of the questions
that people ask about our service.

If you have a question that is not covered by this page
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Questions & Answer

Q: How does the ovum attract the X and Y-chromosomes?

A: The ovum charge is the deciding factor to whether attracts the X or Y chromosome.

Q: How does your natural method work?

A: In simple terms, when the ovum attracts the Y chromosome, it produces a baby boy, and when it attracts the X chromosome it produces a baby girl.

Q: Is it safe?

A: To date, no complications or adverse events have been reported involving either the mother or the newborn child. We do, however, recommend that if at any time during your participation in The Fully Integrated Program that you begin feeling ill in any way, that you immediately consult your physician for an evaluation.

Q: Does medicine/Harmon affect the CYCLE?

A: No.

Q: What influence do diets have on predictions or my personalized calendar?

A: Minor effect. It is recommended to eat a balanced diet while trying to get pregnant.

Q: I am not having a regular menstruation, can I still use this method?

A: YES - Despite the all-present knowledge, the fact that you are not having a regular menstruation doesn't mean you cannot get pregnant. The founder of the Right Choice Method has tested his discoveries on over 4500 women of which some didn't had regular menstruation but they still conceived and became pregnant with a healthy child. Your chance to become pregnant will be very high during our marked days.

Q: I am not ovulating, how can I become pregnant using your Method?

A: Ovulation is still in a "dark tunnel" of discoveries. Doctors don't completely understand when ovulation really happens. What does it show? The real ovulation is not understood yet and woman's biological rhythm is not as simple as we may think. Of course, we do recommend you to consult the specialist or your doctor. However, don't feel depressed if you are told that you are not ovulating. The results will speak for themselves.

Q: My husband has a low sperm count; can we use your Natural Method?

A: YES - Low sperm count is not as huge problem as the recent research is trying to prove. Let us put it very simply, "one spermatozoid" is enough to do the proper job, so to speak. To succeed with the conception, please follow exactly your "Marked" days.

Q: What do I do if I do not get pregnant?

A: On the average, most couples do not get pregnant during any one particular month of trying to conceive. Most couples, however, will become pregnant within three months of trying. If you do not become pregnant after utilizing our calendar and The Fully Integrated Program for one complete cycle, we recommend you visit your local doctor for gyne check and continuing with the program until a successful pregnancy is achieved

Q: Are fertility drugs used in your sex selection procedures?

A: Yes and No.

Sex selection being carried out on normally fertile couples who have already produced one or more offspring and are using the Natural Monthly Calendar procedure do not normally require fertility drugs, however, If couples needing and undertaking fertility treatment, in these cases, the drugs normally used for these fertility procedures are combined with the sex selection procedure.

Her own Gynaec can look after her, do her monitoring and also treat her for sub fertility, if need be.

Q: How long should I keep trying if I do not get pregnant?

A: Statistics show that 80% of healthy couples who are attempting to become pregnant and are having intercourse near the time of ovulation will become pregnant within three months. Unfortunately, one out of every seven couples does experience infertility problems. Our Natural gender selection program is Fully Integrated and has never been shown to have any adverse affects on your abilities to become pregnant.

In fact, certain attributes of the program have been shown to increase the fertility potential. It is our recommendation that if the female is less than 35 years of age, the program can be continued for as long as ten year. If she is over 45 years of age, the program can be continued for as long as two years. If no pregnancy is achieved during this period of time, we recommend that an infertility evaluation be performed to ensure that no underlying conditions are interfering with a couples chance of becoming pregnant.

Q: What is a regular menstrual cycle?

A: Usually menstrual cycle duration lasts from 20-45 days. Some women have a certain number of days for each cycle i.e. the cycle is (for example) always 28 or is always 35 days.

Q: What is an irregular menstrual cycle?

A: It's the cycle in which the duration varies from month to month. For example the cycle may be 28 days at one month and 35 days at the other month.

Q: What is the difference between a menstrual cycle and a menstrual period?

A: A menstrual cycle is the time between the starting day of menstruation in one month to the starting day of the following menstruation. A menstrual period is the time during which bleeding takes place.

Q: Whom does this method apply for?

A: This method applies for all couples able to get children and decided to have a certain gender of their baby knowing that the results are not 100% sure. If they don't use the method, the chance for each gender is 50% while if they choose to use the method, the chances will increase to 90%-95% according to the level of seriousness of the way the couples are dealing with the method and their conditional factors.

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: Right choice Natural Method is fully Integrated Program

Q: Should I be worried about birth defects?

A: The methodology utilized by right choice and The Fully Integrated Program has never been shown to increase the risk of birth defects.

Unfortunately, birth defects do occur naturally. This is just a fact of life. In fact, approximately one-third of all conceptions are spontaneously aborted secondary to conception defects which are incompatible with life. A small portion of these defects are not spontaneously aborted and subsequently lead to children born with birth defects. Some birth defects, however, can be prevented by the help of latest medical help. Our goal is for you to conceive a healthy child with the gender of your choice.

Q. When we attempt conception should we have intercourse only once or several times?

A: It is totally up to you, if the conditions favor the sex you are trying for I would go with the idea of the more times the better.

Q: What about those who are infertile?

A: If there is an organic problem with those who are infertile, they should get treated medically or surgically first, and then they can try this method. Those who have no organic problems can use the method with a great chance to conceive but less chance of getting the gender they want.

Q: Is this treatment approach being offered anywhere else in Pakistan?

A: No, not this kind of approach Nowhere in Pakistan. There are many other methods which are being tried Right Choice does offer a sex-selection method based on Natural Cycle There is nothing artificial in this. There no surgery involved, there is no insemination, no sperm separation. It's a very natural method that we re using" There are several other methods that are being tried with very high failure rates, according to the information I get. Because, when I get patients for my treatment, usually they gather information before coming to me.

  • The alkaline diet - it has never worked.

  • Chinese calendar has never worked.

  • X-Y separation has also not had very good results.

Q: What about Ericssons method? What is the success rate to X-Y separation?

A: Ericssons method, as it is called, claimed a success rate of 70% to 75% per cent. But a lot of people who have tried it have registered great failure rates; the method has not come up to expectations.

Q: OK that is interesting, how can I start?

A: Simply send the money (for detail visit Payment Methodpage OR CONTACT ON PHONE), answer our questionnaire, keep in touch with us, stick to the recommendations and prepare yourself to receive the child you want.

Q: Is there a conflict between religion and this method?

A: No, this method does not deal with astronomy or guesses; it is base on studies, statistics, lab work and the information provided by the couple.


A: I am based in, Punjab, Pakistan; for those patients who cannot make it personally, the whole treatment can be done by correspondence (which is how I have till date treated 80 % of the total patients)

For getting the treatment by correspondence
A patient in any part of the world with a valid email address and reasonable knowledge of English can avail of this method from me.


A: TotalCost of this treatment is Rs 80,000/= which is payable in advance, For patients outside Pakistan it comes to around 755 US $.


A: Not at all. Even during my treatment, her own Gynaec can look after her, do her ovulation monitoring and also treat her for sub fertility, if need be.

Once the woman conceives her Gynaec completely takes over. There is no need to be in touch with me of course except to give me the good news!!


A: A number of methods were used in the medical history but almost all of them have been given up because of miserable failure rates. Some of them are Chinese calendar, X - Y sperms separation and insemination.


A: Only ONE MEETING would suffice and a detailed plan of action would be given to the patient who can then follow up with her own or by the help of family physician of gynecologists if needed.

The whole treatment can also be done online / by correspondence as long as the initial data is mailed to me. As stated earlier, the patient needs to do this treatment under my guidance. It should be noted here that it is NOT ' one size fits all ` kind of TREATMENT.

The Calendar has to be planned out specifically for each patient depending upon some details about the patient. During pregnancy, the patient can follow up with her own gynecologist till delivery.

It is mandatory that the patient should not stop the Calendar Plan till she is confirmed to be pregnant by a blood or a urine test in a pathology laboratory or a reliable home pregnancy kit which should not be done for at least 4 days after the date of the expected periods.



We soon will be introducing online payment systems facility on our website for patients accepting the payments through credit cards.

FOR TREATMENT BY CORRESPONDENCE, communication should be made at my email address.
For personal consultation, prior appointment is necessary.

Last, but certainly not least, we are always here to answer any questions you may have.

We will be more than happy to provide you with advice. Feel free to give our office a ring Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. After business hours, you can reach us via mobile phone at (092) 0332-5335516 (ask for Khawaja Farooq Ali).

Well, I hope that gives you a bit of a better feel for our program, and our company philosophy. If you'd like to subscribe over services, please visit our Payment Method page for detail. If you'd like to find out more about our program, please CALL RIGHT CHOICE CLINIC.

And as mentioned before, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Take care


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LH high & likely ovulation days

you’ve probably spent a lot of time in your life trying not to get pregnant. But now, if you're trying to have a baby BOY or Girl, it can be astonishing to realize you have only a small window of time each month when you can conceive, typically about three to four days. Those days are determined by when you ovulate and indicate in the calendar) -- when your ovaries release a ripe egg that will await fertilization (or, as happens most months, when that egg, unfertilized, triggers menstruation).
To increase your chances of getting pregnant, you need to have sex during your fertile period, near the time of ovulation. (Day marked LH HIGH & likely ovulation day)
During all other days, please use protection, e.g. condom during intercourse.

This method is absolutely natural and requires no training or medication


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